Lockdown Sewing

It’s certainly been a strange and scary few months for us all! During Lockdown the Newton Fabrics workshop was closed and I was back at home with the husband and kids – juggling homeschooling and everything else like so many of you. I missed my business and the workshop so much that I decided to start making face masks from home with my domestic machine – as much to preserve my sanity as to help pay the rent and the bills!

My masks were made with 100% cotton quilting fabric and were fully lined, with a pocket for a filter. They came with an optional co-ordinating drawstring bag for storage. The customer chose their own fabric from my stocks and I was taken aback by the number of orders I received. The project certainly kept me busy for a few months and gave me some much needed focus, as well as covering the rent on my workshop.

I am still making a few for customers that approach me but as work picks back up and I am able to get back into the workshop I am making far fewer. I will always be grateful to the lovely customers that purchased my face masks, the chats I had with them from driveways as I delivered to their doorsteps and the sweet, kind comments I received – and I am sure that it helped my mental health so much during these past strange few months.


  1. Well done Victoria. These days have been very challenging for us all. The fabrics on the masks did help because they were so very pretty. Thank you.

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